NHN in last project. 'Naver' brand identity work. I remember it was one of the most important project in the summer of 2010.

The last project was at NHN corp.
The name of the project was "Naver Me", a brand identity work.
I remember that this was one of the most important projects in the summer of 2010.
The three teams in the internal process proposed in the form of bidding, and after my retirement, 
the project was still worked on by the other teams for a month or two.
This project has been made 2 years ago.
The team had suggested the integration of Naver personalized service.
The Naver Me does not have the color, and the unified brand image that holds a variety of valuable space. 
The teams have proposed as a 'projection' and 'reflection' change to match the color of each individual keyword.
Each individual's character means that Naver provides a platform for each individual user.

It's Concepts. symbols, graphics, products, applications were adapted in 'Naver Me', 
and applied a test on a draft proposal.
(I remember, working on this was really enjoyable.)
This was the last job that the team had worked on and I say that I had fun working on it. 

of course it's different. currently open the 'Naver Me'. With team members
It was the last job was really fun.
The Plus X is now to meet a variety of brands and to work through the various proposals in the form of a partnership.

One brand continues to develop and progress and controls everything from an in-house brand of Naver and I personally say that it has much difference.
This may sound adsurb but I am really enthusiatic to work on it and if this brand is right I will keep on going to work on it.
When the client doesn't agree of the brand then we will both work on it. Discussing and sharing ideas on how this will be improved.
I think it is good to define the brand more clearly and develop it.
Please enjoy the stories of these various brands of the future which will be opened by Plus X!

Songhoseong, Kimhaeseong, Baekseungmok, Kimjunsu, thanks for your effort!
Cheers !& bottoms up!
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